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Do yo know the Standard Framework of Reference for Angolan Languages (SFR-AL)?

By Patricio Mamona

cPM (Ben Pathy) - IT Guru

💡It is a tool developed by Patricio Mamona, to define the mastery of a national language like Kikongo, according to different criteria. For many years it's been a case study of Angolan languages, and finding the way of creating tools to help not only enriching the language, but also help develop the way we learn and teach those languages. We aim bay the end, making our work a reference in the field of learning and teaching any national language, such as Kikongo, Kimbundu, Umbundu and others. In few words we can define SFR as a tools for Learning, Teaching and Assessment.

What is my level in a particular national language?

It is important to know your level of knowledge in the language you speak and try to overcome the weakest areas and learn more. Nobody knows everything in a language, but when there is a learning mechanism, the level of knowledge will not be the same.

To get you to understand the different levels of knowledge in the language, below the criteria of level measurement. It is not all, is the standard that you can expect at each level.

Know your language level criteria

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